B Corp: Your Guide to Building a Culture of Impact

A fireside chat with Kristy O’Leary and Brianna Brown of Decade Impact.

Thurs Sept 23rd, 09:00AM - 10:15AM PDT

Join The ReFrame Group and B Corp experts, Kristy O’Leary and Brianna Brown of Decade Impact, for an exploration of how to use the B Corp Impact Assessment to build a company culture that is ready to leave the world better.

The signs are everywhere – we need to change how we are living and doing business – and fast. Being an impact business is no longer a ‘nice to have’ – it is a business imperative. Now, you’ve probably already started, you’ve gone paperless and developed that recycling program, you’re charitable and care about your community. We suspect you want to do more and know you can. The next step for every business is to build a culture that affects positive social, environmental, and economic impact. It’s a tall order, to be sure, but there is a Rosetta stone and it is the B Corp Impact Assessment (BIA).

So how do we unlock the culture-building magic of the B Corp Impact Assessment? Enter Kristy O’Leary and Brianna Brown, co-founders of Decade Impact. Decade will offer core insights for using the BIA to build an Impact literate cultures that accelerate your ability to respond to global and local challenges. All while increasing resilience, team retention, and impact leadership. With over 100 clients under their belt – they are just getting started. Join us to discover how you can too.

Ideas to be explored:

  • What the B Corp movement is and how it is transforming business
  • How the B Corp assessment can guide your business in building a culture of purpose, action, and impact
  • How to approach purpose, action, and impact as a team.
  • How to find your ‘zone of impact genius’
  • Where to begin if you want to build an impact culture in your company

Do you have a question for Decade? Click here to submit it within 48 hours of the event and we’ll do our best to incorporate it into the event.


About Speakers

Kristy O’Leary is a multidisciplinary systems thinker with an innate ability to identify leading-edge entrepreneurs and align them with untapped opportunities to drive breakthrough change. Her passion and purpose have coalesced around empowering entrepreneurs to affect positive social, environmental, and economic change. With more than a decade of impact design under her belt, she is a veteran in THIS space and is uniquely positioned to translate how today’s ideas become tomorrow’s impact.

Brianna Brown is a strategist, innovator, and changemaker who likes to get things done! Her endless energy, attention to detail, and strategic insight will change your opinion of what’s possible, and give you the confidence to make it all happen (whatever “it” is). With a career built on the intersection of business strategy and social and environmental solutions, she has a particular talent for translating impact into sustained business success. A skilled navigator between the visionary and the pragmatic, she is in her element when creating tailored roadmaps to a bolder, brighter future.



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