Why Choose a Flexible Wellness Plan

Employees’ needs are changing, with the rise in remote work, and a stronger emphasis on work-life balance. And with it, the employee benefits space needs to change and adapt better to employees’ lifestyles.

This is where intuitive digital wellness plans come into play; flexible and unique plans that allow employees to choose how to allocate their benefits, through health & wellness spending accounts.


Employees have the freedom to choose how to allocate their spending account, to fit their health & wellness needs


These flexible plans encourage employees to be more active and healthy, and overall more engaged in their health & wellness within the workplace.


Employees can use it for health care costs that aren't covered under a standard benefit plan.


Great customer service and support that allows you to take full advantage of your benefits and spending accounts, which in turn supports your health and wellness

For Employers

Why a flexible plan is right for you and your employees, and how it can enrich employee satisfaction and retention

For Employees

Why a flexible plan can help you reach your goals and improve your health & wellness

Modern Plans

Spending accounts that fit the current trends of prioritizing health & wellness and work-life balance

Wellness Challenges

Promote engagement and behavioural change in employees through various wellness challenges

What’s better than some friendly competition at the workplace as to who can get the most active minutes, beat your record running split, lift heavier than last week, or try out fitness classes you have never done before?

Wellness challenges are a great way to keep your team active, and giving away health & wellness related prizes are a great way to promote it.

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Partnerships with health & wellness brands

Through partnerships, flexible wellness plans often offer discounts at your favourite supplement shops, yoga studios, fitness tech, grocery stores, and more! Save money, take part in wellness challenges, and of course, have fun!

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Modern Plans for the Modern Workforce.

Group insurance is often cemented in necessary, but old-school ideas of what employees need and is often quite limited to traditional healthcare coverage. A flexible wellness plan allows employees to extend their health coverage, and allocate money towards non-traditional wellness costs, such as gym memberships,

In a generation where health, wellness, and work-life balance are prioritized, flexible wellness plans are an appealing way to keep employees happy and healthy.

These plans go beyond simple retail and pharmaceutical purchases, and can even be utilized to provide coverage for your dependents; from elderly care to pet insurance, wellness spending accounts go beyond coverage for just your spouse or children.

Another unique way to utilize these plans is to claim contributions to your individual investment plans such as RRSPs and TFSAs,