For Employees

How a flexible plan can help you reach your goals and improve your health & wellness

Claim Submission

All claims can be submitted online by employees through their own personalized dashboard, or employees can use the app for quick claim submission

Real-Time Access

Company Administrators and Employees have real time access to track activity. Claim approval is live, so balances and reports always accurately reflect the activity going on behind the scenes.

Quick & Easy

Claim reimbursement is only a two business day turnaround! No cheques needed, all reimbursements are done through electronic funds transfers!

Live Chat

Live Chat offers technical support for employees and is run in-house by our experienced team

Coverage for Dependents

Coverage is not limited to children and spouses, and can include elderly care, pet insurance, and any other dependents.

RRSP & TFSA Matching

If your company doesn't do TFSA & RRSP matching, you can claim your contributions through the wellness plan and get reimbursed.

No Time Regulation

With traditional plans, there are time regulations around receiving a benefit every x number of months only - with a wellness plan, you can utilize it whenever you see fit.

Top Up Your Coverage

Add onto the amount covered under your standard benefit plan to get extra coverage on things like dental and health.

No Maximums

There are no maximums set on how you allocate the spending account, which means you can spend it across a variety of things, or cover the entire cost of something.

Wellness Items

Utilize your spending accounts to cover wellness costs such as gym memberships, yoga passes, daycare, vitamins, and other purchases that promote healthier lifestyles.