ReFrame U – Session 1: Highly Effective Communication Tools

A virtual seminar to experience transformational learning around communication and effective partnerships and workplace relationships.

Tues Nov 9th 09:00AM - 1:00PM PT
12:00PM - 04:00PM ET

Jennifer Curleigh, an expert on leadership development, will be teaching how to use emotional intelligence as a tool for team effectiveness in the first of our virtual ReFrame U event series.

ReFrame U

The purpose of the ReFrame U series is to give back to our communities in hopes of co-creating stronger relationships with our partners. Our sessions will aim to provide you with practical tools to return to your community, workplace, home feeling empowered and motivated to be better than yesterday. Our sessions will focus on education that is not in the traditional technical areas of insurance and financial services, rather, we will be focusing on high value emotional intelligence skills. The sessions will be facilitated by thought-leaders from around the world and will create space for connection and learning to be shared and elevate our work as a community and individuals.

Program Outline:

Part 1: Trust & Empathy

Trust is the foundation layer to any development and relationship. Empathy is the rocket fuel for building trust. Healthy trust enables healthy debate, ownership, and accountability.

Part 2: Emotional Literacy

Our Emotional state determines where we direct our attention, what we remember and what we learn. It impacts our decision-making prowess. And it fuels our social relations: what we feel – and how we interpret other people’s feelings – sends signals to approach or avoid, to affiliate with or distance ourselves, to reward or punish. Literacy requires proper labeling of our emotions so we can better understand those of others, and we can communicate effectively.

Part 3: The Experience Cube

Experience is how you encounter a event or situation. It is “in-the-moment” and reflects both the inside and outside of a person. Created by Gervase Busch (Clear Leadership), The Experience cube captures our emotional intelligence and gives us guidelines for thinking through our feelings in a structured way.


About Jennifer

The personal side: Jennifer Curleigh is a proud Maritimer who lives on Vancouver’s North Shore with her husband and three sons. She loves anything outdoors – mountain biking, hiking and drinking beer to name a few. She is the founder of “Friday 50’s”, a community initiative supporting the DTES homeless population with basic necessities, care and connection.

On the professional side: At the core of Jen’s business are meaningful human connections and a strong belief that everybody matters. Jen creates space for people to connect to themselves, to their peers, and to the work they do. These connections strengthen culture within organizations, creating lasting impact. She is a psychology geek and a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. In the 20 years Jen’s been working in Learning and Development, she has collaborated with clients in Culture Design for their organizations; she has run teams through a variety of Leadership Programs; she has given CEO’s, Business Founders and their respective teams the tools to land on their values and purpose; she has facilitated Project Management to diverse production teams; she has moderated panel discussions with students, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs; and as a life-long learner, she is continuously growing and educating herself. Her clients include Arc’Teryx, Lux Insights, Mustang Survival, IQBit, Elasticpath, Maritime Travel, St John Ambulance, BCIT and the YMCA, to name a few.