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Netsurance Canada, a leading independent online insurance provider, has been acquired by The ReFrame Group, an award-winning technology plus wellbeing focused insurance and financial services firm.


Vancouver, BC (November 23, 2021) – The ReFrame Group, an award-winning tech and wellbeing-focused insurance and financial services advisory, has completed its acquisition of Netsurance, Canada’s leading independent online insurance provider.

Netsurance is a leading online solution that makes the process of obtaining insurance and surety bonds simple and easy for Canadians. With everything ranging from homeowners and basic business insurance to more niche insurance products such as hole-in-one and microblading insurance, Netsurance is a one-stop solution for instant quotes, automated insurance, and innovative insurance solutions.

This acquisition expands the reach and capacity of The ReFrame Group and continues the organization’s growth across Canada.

• Expanding the ReFrame Group’s services, through an innovative online platform that gives clients instant quotes
• Enhancing our existing market support for entrepreneurs and business owners
• Improving our offering to stay ahead of change and meet emerging client needs
• Expanding our geographic footprint and strengthening industry and product expertise
• Add commercial insurance, Directors & Officers, Errors & Omissions, Property, Business, and more to our offering in order to create a one-stop-shop for our clients


“The Netsurance suite of digital insurance products is an ideal fit for The ReFrame Group's innovation strategy in the archaic space of Canadian insurance. We look forward to continuously improving the online insurance experience for Canadians with The ReFrame Group."

Scott DekanichPresident of Netsurance


Since the earliest of times, humanity has demonstrated a willingness to pool its resources to help others in times of need. Insurance is the formalization of the basic principle of risk-sharing in an organized fashion. With the “Internet of Things” becoming the norm across all industries, it’s only right that the insurance industry receives the modernization treatment that it deserves to make these processes as easy as possible.

The ReFrame Group will continue to grow, offer a broader and unique range of services, and expand our presence in the insurance and financial sectors.


“The ReFrame Group is Canada's top online insurance company. Our easy-to-use digital-first systems enable our partners and clients to purchase their policy instantly, from anywhere, on any device. The traditional paper-based submissions, weeks of delays to receive a quote, and difficult to understand language are just three of the archaic systems ReFrame is doing away with. We need to make the processes and experience simple, fun, and fast for Canadians. The acquisition of Netsurance will further enable us to execute our strategic goals of delivering great service, in a timely manner, at the best price.”

Antonio A. ZivanovicCEO of The ReFrame Group


About The ReFrame Group
The ReFrame Group, founded in 2015, is an insurance and financial services advisory, that lives by a shared belief; what we do matters and makes a difference. The ReFrame Group’s actions are directed by the intention of creating health, wealth, and wellness for the people in their community as they strive towards the goal of making their lives better, easier, and safer. The ReFrame Group redesigned how to measure success, placing client relationships and service delivery at the pinnacle of their approach.

About Netsurance Canada
Netsurance aims to make the process of obtaining insurance and surety bonds simple and painless. Online solutions are their primary focus with digital applications, signatures, quotes, and payments. Netsurance is an insurance broker, which means that they represent many insurance companies and enables clients to get the insurance they need at the best rates available.

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